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Inviting Eco-School Teachers to Develop Lesson Plans for Positive Actions

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is inviting teachers participating in the Eco-Schools programme, to develop and submit lesson plans that promote an action oriented pedagogy about specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In November 2018, the Foundation for Environmental Education released the publication Positive Actions for the Sustainable Development Goals. The publication was launched at the Eco-Schools National Operators Meeting (NOM) in Cork, Ireland, which coincided with the commence of 25th Anniversary Celebrations of the programme.

The Eco-Schools programme has positive action competence at its core. Eco-Schools is Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Action. The SDGs provide us with a vision and a call for action for a sustainable Earth. ESD provides quality education that actively involves citizens of our global village in ensuring harmony between all life forms so that there will be enough, for everyone, forever.

In its current form, the publication is a framework that has articulated positive actions as behavioural learning outcomes contributing to the achievement of every SDG through the process of ESD. The next step is to illustrate the process of ESD in the form of lesson plans to help educators understand how they can achieve these learning outcomes in a formal education setting.   


a.       The teacher contributing the highest number of lesson plans that are published will be invited for the 25th Anniversary edition of the National Operators Meeting (NOM) to be held in the Netherlands. Tentative dates are between Sunday 24 November (arrival day) to Wednesday 27 November.

b.       The teacher contributing to the best lesson plan amongst the submissions will also be invited for the 25th Anniversary NOM.

c.       The teachers, the school and the country will be acknowledged for contributing the lesson plans in an international publication by FEE. Only selected lesson plans will be published.

Guidelines for Lesson Plans

a.       Submitted lesson plans should be original or adapted for the context of the selected SDG and Positive Actions with due acknowledgement.

b.       We suggest that the lesson plans are trial tested in class and changes incorporated before submission.

c.       The teacher/educator submitting the lesson plans will be responsible for any issues concerning copyrights and permissions of materials used. FEE will license the publication under Creative Commons for free use.


  • A teacher can submit a maximum of 3 Lesson Plans that should cover distinct SDGs.

Click here to download the Lesson Plan Word format.

Click here to download the publication ‘Positive Actions for the Sustainable Development Goals’.

The editorial committee constituted by FEE will be responsible for reviewing and rating the lesson plans.


Participation in the National Operators Meeting (NOM) to be held in the Netherlands.

Acknowledged for contributing the lesson plans in the International Publication.

Click here to download the Lesson Plan Word format.


July 2019 Submission ends for lesson plans.

July and August 2019 Improvement of lesson plans through feedback and comments by an expert committee.

September 2019 Finalisation of lesson plans and communication to the teachers.

October 2019 Design of the Lesson Plans.


  • A teacher can submit maximum of 3 Lesson Plans.

For any queries write to at the bottom after the end of the timeline section.