The Great Plant Hunt

This campaign is a joint initiative of Toyota Motor Europe and the Foundation for Environmental Education. It focuses on biodiversity with a particular emphasis on plants and their associated species. Plants are an important part of many life cycles, they support insects, birds and mammals by providing food and habitats for nesting and shelter etc.  The campaign was officially launched in November 2015. In Year 1, it was run in ten countries throughout Europe. In Year 2, which started in September 2016, the number of countries increased to 15. In Year 3, the project welcomed The Netherlands as its 16th participant. The campaign includes educational aspects, based on FEE Educational Principles, and practical activities based on resources developed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew with funding from the Wellcome Trust. 

The campaign aims to educate students about biodiversity, its importance and encourage them to take positive action. Click here to read project stories and see what participating countries are up to!


  • Develop young people as advocates for conservation
  • Promotion of local biodiversity actions
  • Develop science based resources in line with the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) principles to allow teachers to promote biodiversity education activity
  • Promote critical thinking by “go and see” study approach (learn by doing)
  •  Consistent with Convention on Biological Diversity/Green Corridor
  • Help meet EU/UN targets for biodiversity education
Eco-Schools Ireland

Eco-Schools Ireland

Who can participate? 

The Great Plant Hunt is currently running in 14 countries throughout Europe.

Schools are selected by the National Operator in each of the participating countries. If you are from one of the participating countries, and interested in joining The Great Plant Hunt, please contact your Eco-Schools National Operator directly. Contact details can be found on our website on the 'Contact' page.

Participating countries  

Click on the countries above to see stories from participating schools on the national level.