Eco-Schools for International Schools

The Eco-Schools programme is designed to suit all schools whether they are a nursery, primary school, secondary school, further education college, university or a school with special status or special needs. Also all International Schools can join the Eco-Schools programme. However, there is a difference in the Eco-Schools structure when it comes to International Schools. This adaption makes it possible for International Schools in countries without a National Operator to join the Eco-Schools programme and be managed through Eco-Schools International.

As shown in the figure above, International Schools in countries without a National Operator will be managed directly by Eco-Schools International. You can check if your country has a national organisation here. 

If your country is not on the list you can register directly on this website. 


The registration costs for joining the Eco-Schools programme for two years is €600.
We do believe that the savings in water and electricity as a results of implementing the Eco-Schools programme in your school will more than cover those costs. The registration levy will cover administration, support, resources & tools, mentoring and further development of the programme over a two-year period. 


Any questions? Please contact Nicole Andreou at