Zero Waste Campaign at Loreto College in Mauritius


Ever since our school took up this path towards nurturing a greener school, a lot has happened from the launching of the EFS programme by SEDEC to the birth of our Loreto College Curepipe (LCC) Go Green Club, and now we are finally culminating towards the apex.

We are proud to say that in sticking close to our goals, we have been awarded the Green Flag Award for the second year in a row (2017 & 2018). However, our aim is not only to maintain this status but to imprint this will for a greener and healthier lifestyle into our students and staff likewise.

As Presidents of the club we will not slacken the club’s efforts into making our school a greener one. With dedication and hard work, we will walk into our previous club members’ steps to maintain our status as an Eco-School. We will always be aiming higher and higher because mitigating our negative impact on the planet will not stop until the whole human population is conscious of the consequences of her actions on the environment.

Quixotic Dendere & Shanelle Li Presidents

We started this year with a Zero Waste Campaign aimed at reducing our waste as much as possible. The zero waste concept is based on 5 rules, the 5R's which are as follows:

1. Refuse what you do not need

2. Reduce what you do need

3. Reuse - That is swapping anything that's disposable for a reusable alternative

4. Recycle

5. Rot/ Compost

These 5 rules are closely related to our Loreto College Curepipe Go Green goals and with the help of Mrs. Priya, we started this project to show our students that living with less is not necessarily that different.