Regional Award on Renewable energy goes to Malagasy school

Lycée Andrianampoinimerina Sabotsy Namehana in Madagascar received the Regional Award on Renewable and Efficiency Energy project!

The IOC and the Eco-Schools Network have a significant number of joint achievements in the development of educational activities, notably through the ISLANDS project. Based on these experiences, and considering the importance of the network, which brings together more than 250 schools in the five IOC Member States, the ENERGIES Programme and Indian Ocean Eco-Schools have expressed their interest in renewing their collaboration in order to better promote renewable energy among young people and put their roles in our communities of the future into perspective.

Each participating school was invited to form a team of students who were challenged to imagine a renewable energy installation project that can be useful to the school and by extension, to the entire community. The teams completed a presentation document in order to develop as much as possible their autonomy and their ability to defend their idea. This document should presented the concept, the ins and outs, the added value for the school, etc. Schools submitted their projects to the national committees, which evaluated them and chose the winning team for their country.

  • 21 secondary Eco-Schools in Madagascar participated to the renewable energy  teacher training;

  • 16 renewable energy projects were received and evaluated by the Eco-Schools national committee and the TELMA Foundation as a sponsor;

  • The public secondary school : Lycée Andrianampoinimerina Sabotsy Namehana was selected and received the national award. Two students who acted as the project designers and 1 teacher-coach from the high school went to Mauritius on 28th August to 30th August to defend their project with the students from Mauritius, Comoros and Seychelles

The Malagasy school’s energy project received the Regional Award for the best project!

This activity provided teachers with fun and comprehensive educational material that will enabled discussion on the energy theme and enabled students to understand the challenges of renewable energy and energy efficiency. It enriched their scientific knowledge by positioning them at the heart of learning through materials that allowed everyone to take part and be involved.