Teaching for 2030: Innovations in Teacher Education towards Education for Sustainable Development

Teaching for 2030: Multi-layering ESD and GCED for Innovations in Teacher Education towards the SDGs and ESD for 2030.

The conference organised by the UNESCO Chair in Research and Education for Sustainable Development at Okayama University, Japan and the UNESCO Chair in Reorienting Education towards Sustainability at York University, Canada, will bring together ESD and GCED experts with policy makers, teacher educators and other practitioners in education.

It will explore, discuss, and develop locally relevant strategies to systemically implement Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Global Citizenship Education (GCED) as called for in Sustainable Development Goal 4.7, the Global Education 2030 Agenda and other UN policies that our nations have agreed to carry out between 2020 and 2030.  The conference will be the first global meeting to recognize the goals and the designated framework entitled ‘Education for Sustainable Development: Towards achieving the SDGs (ESD for 2030)’ being launched in June 2020 in Berlin, Germany.

The conference will focus on the role of embedding ESD and GCED within formal education systems, seeking existing successful practices and identifying their potential for policy reform and other education legislations. Special interest groups will focus on aspects such as:

  • Embedding ESD and GCED in elementary and secondary education,

  • Online teaching approaches engaging and accessing those in remote or underserved regions,

  • ESD as a potential to enhance education and training systems for Indigenous youth,

  • ESD and GCED in early childhood care and education.

 The conference invites participants to submit research reports, best practice examples and ideas for poster sessions. All papers shall relate to teacher education for ESD and/or GCED. To submit a paper please send an inquiry suggesting the topic/type of your presentation including your full name, position/title, institution/organization, and contact information to the conference organizing committee by 15th September 2019:

Dr. Hiroko Shibakawa hirokoshibakawa@okayama-u.ac.jp

Ms. Itsuko Hagihara hagiwara-i@okayama-u.ac.jp

For further information on the call for papers and free registration, please see the flyer or visit http://unescochair.info.yorku.ca/conference/.